Daeter, Elvira, Dutch fulltime painter/sculptor, lives and works in Middelburg, The Netherlands, born in Eindhoven.


While studying interior design and history of art, I was touched by the compositions of shapes, colours, lines and light.

My great inspirators were (and are) Mondriaan, Malevich and Lyssitsky.

From 2004 I was was schooled in painting and sculpting at ‘Kunsteducatie’ in Middelburg.

My paintings are characterized by a playful intuitive handling of the geometric imagery and a penchant for experimentation.

The meaning of art is in a certain way to communicate. An artist works best based on what his predecessors have achieved. What's been accomplished, is not a problem anymore. The abstract artist, the path of liberation from the natural shapes and colors not having to go because this road is already laid.

This art is a direct expression of the artist and his unique personality. Art says something about the times in which we live and consists of at least three categories: the context in which the work was made, the form, content.

Works included Elvira Daeter shown at Galerie De Veersche Poort, Grote Sternstraat 12, 4332 DS Middelburg (The Netherlands) and various exhibitions.



The source of my power is the visual experience and emotional range, and human experiences that have shaped me and I have to stick together. The spirit of the artist, the viewer who deliberately arouses emotion and moral perception. Aesthetic emotion and purity in art is unique and indefinable, it can not be explained by other means (as written). It can only be felt by the viewer or recognized.


At this moment I am experimenting with my new Deconstructivist Work.

It is a constant interplay between surfaces, lines, shapes, forms rest, contrasts, movement and the available spaces that also at least as important as the forms themselves in a composition, as well as against spaced bright colors.